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We’re a team of passionate people, helping businesses from all over Australia

  • Mortgage Brokers and Accountants for the first time ever can now become qualified, licensed, trained, mentored and have access to a diverse life insurance product list all under one banner, diversify your business and become industry leaders in your field.
  • Aussie Financial Services adviser academy train mortgage brokers and accountants, providing them an opportunity to become life insurance advisers and provide products directly to their own clients.
  • Become licensed through a non-bank licensee and have access to leading insurance companies like Clearview, AIA and Zurich.
  • This new complimentary channel to your existing offering will not only increase income for your business but will give your business a more comprehensive service, remove referral complication and give you a point of difference for your clients and customers.

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Working Towards Your Business Goals

Develop and grow your business from your existing client base

Increase Your Revenue

Increase your revenue per client in three core areas, Commissions, Trails and a book of clients you can sell.


At the end of the programme you will receive a nationally recognised RG146 general advice qualification.

A Brand You Can Trust

Allow your clients to invest in a brand they know, like and trust, with a well established reputation in the industry.

Wealth Creation

As part of the Aussie Financial Services Adviser Academy you have access to ongoing training, 1-1 mentoring and business support.

Development Days

Exceptional industry experts with over 19yrs experience to help you grow your business and mentor you every step of the way.

Academy Community

Surround yourself with brokers and accountants on the same journey. Learn, share and celebrate with likeminded professionals.


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Blackk Finance

Aussie Financial Services
Adviser Academy 

Diversify your business and become industry leaders in your field.


Mortgage Brokers and Accountants

20 Yrs+

Operating Since 1998

2 day

Accreditation Course


Aussie Financial Services

Steps To Financial Success

Our advisers have earned over $100,000 in 5 months providing Life Insurance Products to there existing clients.  Could you increase your client base to earn an extra $100,000 in just 5 months?

Step #1


$100 a month premium can earn the adviser up to $508
A husband and wife could earn the adviser $1016 in comission. (conditions apply)

Step #2

Trail Income

Every 12 months receive a commission trail from the policy renewal. Select your trail commission of either 20% or 30%. (conditions apply)

Step #3

Business Value

You own the 'Client book'. At any stage you can sell your client book at market value. Currently life insurance books fetch 3.5 - 4.5 times the trail.


Testimonials From Our Brokers

Changing the face of Mortage Brokering and Accounting

Why Offer Insurance Products To Your Clients?

We understand your clients and provide products that work

• Build a deeper relationship with your client by offering a broader range of services

• Provide information and allow clients to make informed decisions

• Assist clients to protect their greatest assets-their income and life


• Meet your NCCP obligations by offering your client insurance protection

• Retain your customer by offering them multiple products to suit their needs

• Join an boutique dealer group without conflicted products


• Diversify your business and add new income streams

• Receive upfront and trailing commissions

• Time efficient process generating more income per client

• Have a book of clients to sell at market value

Your Business...Your Way

Protect your business, increase your income, safeguard and retain clients whilst you trade under your own banner.

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